Energy Admin (Transport/Logistics) - 25k-Enniskillen

Job Description

VANRATH are delighted to be assisting a global leader in Logistics with the recruitment of a Energy Administrator. Fantastic company to work in.

Office is based in Enniskillen - Monday to Friday

This is an Amazing company that has a top reputation and offers individuals the platform to build a career.


£23,000 - £25,000 (Negotiable) + other additional benefits from a fantastic company


As part of the Energy office team, the role of the Energy Administrator will involve supporting the Customer Support Team Leader in managing customer relationships. This will involve taking and making calls from/to customers, processing orders, dealing with customer queries and complaints as well as supporting the field sales team. You will assist in the administration of the complete order to cash process for all Energy customers - ensuring that all orders are managed effectively to meet agreed delivery dates and required quantities. You will also be involved in ensuring customer specific requirements such as delivery summaries etc are processed.

The Ideal Person

  • Experience working within a similar role
  • Experience of working in Energy / Transport / Logistics is preferred
  • Previous Scheduling experience preferred
  • Experience in dealing with Microsoft Excel is highly preferred
  • Good communicator
  • Strong numeracy skills

For further information on this opportunity, or any other jobs in Belfast or wider Northern Ireland, please apply via the link below or contact Jack Groves via Vanrath.

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