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Who is iManage?

iManage has earned its place as the industry standard technology provider for knowledge workers globally. Anywhere work is happening, iManage is providing meaningful context while upholding security and governance for the data under your care. 

As a company, its aim is to open limitless possibilities to advance the cause of making knowledge work for the benefit of people, business, and society. Along with their platform, they are democratising innovation in this space by building a vibrant ecosystem of customers, partners, and integrations specifically focused on knowledge work — the nuanced, divergent thinking that creates value.

Their unique artificial intelligence and governance approaches provide the confidence needed to imagine a bold future. Free the knowledge workers in your organisation to transcend the mundane, creating time and energy to make a difference in work and in our communities.

Life at iManage

iManage is full of talented and ambitious people who are committed to doing their best work to Make It Mean Something.

iManage is a place where everybody is encouraged to be their best self, work hard, and have fun. They are a diverse team of thinkers, innovators, technologists, and creatives who all share one common goal. Whoever you are, whatever you do, however you work. Make it mean something at iManage.

They have four key cultural promises that they set out to deliver to all employees so they can achieve individual enduring value, while also giving back to others.

Win and excel

Make progress. Be innovative. Make something better together. Be Best-in-Class. Achieve their vivid future.

Promote humanism

Realise that work is more than a paycheck, an important part of living and growing. Have a positive impact on families and their commitment.

Build a great workplace

Amplify the abilities of employees and help them do their best work. Attract the best talent. Create a place where everyone thrives.

Create enduring value

Value creation that endures for all stakeholders. Build a company of historical significance to the global economy.