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Tech Roundup: 9th February 2024

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

​Tech Roundup: 9th February 2024

VANRATH rounds up the latest tech news and trends you may have missed!

META To Label ALL Fake AI Images:

Meta plans to introduce AI detection for external image manipulation on its platforms, aiming to encourage industry-wide adoption despite acknowledged limitations. However, experts warn of evasion possibilities. The company's Oversight Board criticises its manipulated media policy, urging updates to address evolving challenges.

20 Years Later - How Facebook Changed The World

How Facebook changed the world: Meta, formerly Facebook, revolutionised social media and advertising in its 20-year history, despite controversies over data handling. Through acquisitions and imitation, Meta cemented its dominance despite regulatory challenges and competition.

"AI Will Not Be A Mass Destroyer of Jobs"

Bank of England's governor, Andrew Bailey, downplays AI's job loss potential, emphasising its collaborative potential with people. Businesses invest in AI for productivity, while a House of Lords committee urges focusing on its benefits and clarifying copyright issues.

Tesla Drivers Using VR Headsets

Videos show Tesla drivers wearing virtual reality headsets, prompting a warning from US Transport Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, about the dangers of distracted driving. Apple's Vision Pro headset, blending digital content with the real world, raises concerns about driver engagement, emphasising the importance of staying fully attentive while behind the wheel.
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