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Tech Roundup: 1st December 2023

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

​​​VANRATH rounds up the latest tech news and trends you may have missed!

Amazon latest tech giant to announce AI chatbot

It said that the bot, called Q, would help businesses to do things like summarise long documents or group chats and would increase productivity.

It comes a year after OpenAI's bot ChatGPT shook the market, sparking a rush among tech firms to adopt them.


Anger as some Google cloud customers locked out of files

Google Drive users have reacted angrily to a glitch leaving some unable to access files from the last six months.

Google said it was investigating the issue which is affecting some users of its hugely popular cloud storage service.

How to turn off iPhone's new NameDrop feature, the iOS 17 function authorities are warning about

Apple's iPhone's new iOS 17 operating system includes a feature called "NameDrop" that is activated by default on the phones of users who update their software, prompting authorities to share information on how to turn it off.

Weev Brings the Power to Dungiven

Leading Electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company and charge point operator Weev has ‘brought the power’ to Co Derry with a new rapid charging hub in Dungiven.


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