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How To: Tailor A CV For Senior Roles

  • Publish Date: Posted 8 months ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

You’re a candidate applying for a new role. What’s your first priority? Any recruitment consultant will tell you: in order to be successful, you must firstly tailor your CV to suit the role’s requirements. The phrase ‘tailor your CV’ is thrown around fairly often within the realm of recruitment, but for someone who has years of experience or a mixed professional background, a seemingly simple task can become much more complicated. In order to provide a guideline on how to tailor a CV at a senior level, VANRATH’s experienced consultants have gathered some of their top tips.  

1) Quantify your successes 

Applying for senior level roles is no easy undertaking; the stakes are higher and the competition is fierce. When an employer looks at your CV, they want to see demonstrable evidence proving that you can do the role, and what better way to illustrate your capabilities than providing physical results. If you’re a Sales Director, note that you increased revenue by 15% last financial year, or if you’re a Finance Manager, mention that you identified a particular cost saving opportunity. If you can showcase a track-record of success, be sure to quantify that too: if you’re a Site Lead, list month-on-month team performance growth, or if you’re a Digital Account Manager, present month-on-month web stats. Consistent figures like these will demand the attention of your prospective employer and provide a talking point at interview too.

2) Investigate the company 

It may sound obvious, but conducting a bit of research can really help to elevate your CV. If you’re applying to a large company, check if they release a yearly/quarterly review and find out what their current priorities are. More often than not, senior hires are made with a specific purpose in mind, such as to turn a department around. Acknowledging this information will help to sculpt your CV into something attractive and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. If the company you’re applying to has a smaller workforce and is in a growth phase for example, demonstrate how your experience compliments their current business landscape.  

3) Consistency is key 

You start to hear the phrase ‘personal branding’ once you reach a particular stage in your career, but what does that actually look like on a CV? The point of personal branding is to distinguish a unique identity that employers can recognise and understand easily. Whilst there are a number of ways to establish your personal brand, such as an introductory statement and relevant buzzwords, above all else, consistency is key. Think of it like a school essay; in order to make a cohesive argument and get high marks, students are required to relate back to the question in every paragraph. In the same way, by reiterating your personal brand throughout every section of your CV, you allow employers to connect the dots and form a clear picture of you.  

If you’re a seasoned professional looking for new roles or to improve your CV, then don’t hesitate to contact VANRATH on 028 9033 0250 and speak to a consultant directly. We offer an advisory and consultative approach to make your recruitment process as efficient and fruitful as possible.