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Tech Trends: Fast facts into the Northern Ireland Tech Market

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

Matthew Evers, Director and Lead of our IT Recruitment Team shares his area of expertise and fast facts into the Northern Ireland tech market


What area of IT recruitment do you work in and what kind of roles do you recruit for?

I have worked at VANRATH for over 7 years now and I work on placing Site Leads, DevOps and Software Engineers in their ideal roles while also working to grow the teams of some of the best local IT firms and start-ups.


What are the most in-demand IT skills or roles in Northern Ireland currently?

Java, Cloud Technology, Kubernetes are React are some highly sought-after areas of expertise that tech companies are looking for right now in software specifically.


How has the IT job market in Northern Ireland evolved in recent years?

In recent years Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular, have become recognised on a global scale with steady growth and a focus on areas such as cybersecurity, fintech and software development. It has also attracted a number of multinational corporations, such as Allstate, Citigroup, and IBM, which have set up operations here.


How have funding opportunities developed in the Northern Ireland tech market?

In terms of investment, Northern Ireland's tech sector has received significant funding from both the public and private sectors, with government funding through initiatives such as Invest NI and private investment through venture capital firms and angel investors.


What else influences the growth of the local tech market?

Northern Ireland's universities have also been playing a significant role in the growth of the tech industry, with research centres and incubators fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. For example, Queen's University Belfast has established an innovation center to support the development of technology-based startups.


What are the typical salary ranges for IT roles in Northern Ireland, and how do they compare to other regions?

Overall, Northern Ireland is slightly above the whole of the UK in terms of wage range excluding London. With more FDIs and start-ups coming into the scene, there is a lot more demand and opportunity out there and employers are recognising the need to attract and retain staff with not only salary incentivisation but also remote working options, work-life balance and proper culture setting.

Some examples of salary ranges in software are:

·   Engineering / Development Manager £85k - £120k

·    C / C ++ Developer £70 - £100

·    JavaScript Developer £75k - £110

For a full breakdown on Northern Ireland’s IT salary ranges, view VANRATH’s salary guide HERE!


How would you describe the talent pool of IT professionals in Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland has a highly skilled and diverse talent pool for IT. A number of top universities offering programs in IT-related fields have resulted in a highly educated and skilled workforce, with a strong focus on upskilling and development. Northern Ireland has also been attracting talent from overseas which is leading to a more dynamic workforce, with a range of expertise and experience.


Are there any notable initiatives or programs in Northern Ireland aimed at promoting the growth and development of the IT sector?

We are currently a Gold Partner with Catalyst which is a non-profit organisation aimed at promoting the growth and development of Northern Ireland tech startups. Catalyst provides a range of services and resources to help entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. Offering office and event spaces as well as mentorship, training, and networking opportunities are just some of the many initiatives.

Women in Business is another notable non-profit organisation that supports the growth of the local tech sector whilst also promoting a more inclusive and diverse workforce. By providing networking events and specific workshops as well as mentoring, training and funding programs, they are able to support women in tech in many ways.


What advice do you have for IT professionals seeking opportunities in Northern Ireland's tech sector, or for local employers looking to attract top IT talent?

For IT professionals:

·    Stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends which are constantly evolving so that you can remain ahead of the curve and stay competitive in the job market - even if it’s through an online, flexible course, it is always worth it to upskill.

·    Networking is key, especially in the tech sector. Attend industry events, meetups, and conferences to connect with other professionals and learn about job opportunities.

·    Consider working for startups. They can offer exciting opportunities with the potential for rapid growth and the chance to work on cutting-edge projects while building your experience and skills


For local employers:

·    As well as competitive salaries, be open to remote working if you aren’t already. To attract top IT talent, it's important to offer a competitive benefits package and work-life balance

·    Training in the latest technologies will help the workforce advance and progress. Invest in the staff and potential you already have and provide opportunities for growth and development to retain talent

·    Companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion are more likely to attract top talent. Ensure that your company is actively working to promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of the organisation


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