What is a Salary Survey?

A salary survey is a tool that is used to determine the median or average remuneration paid to employees. Surveys compare employee wages by company, according to a job title or position and can take into consideration geographic regions. The survey data is used for building compensation packages or to determine whether employees are receiving wages that are not only competitive but fair against the market average.

Why is salary benching marking important?

At VANRATH, we recognise the value of quality people and the importance of employers retaining key professionals within their businesses. To remain successful, it is important that employers offer competitive remuneration rates and benefits packages. VANRATH have compiled a salary survey to provide you with an overview of, and advice on, the remuneration packages required to secure and retain top professionals.

VANRATH’s Salary Survey Provides Current Data For The Following Sectors In The Northern Ireland Recruitment Market:

  • Accountancy and Finance

  • Tech

  • HR

  • Public Sector

  • Business Support

  • Construction & Engineering

  • Sales and Marketing

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