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Meet the IT Team: Michael Corrigan

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

Get to know Michael Corrigan our Senior IT Recruitment Consultant specialising in C# and .Net

Today, we sat down with our Senior IT Recruitment Consultant Michael Corrigan so you can find out more about him and how he can help with your next career move!

With a background as a Software Tester, Michael has built up personal skills and expertise in the industry and can help with everything from trending roles to apply for to new skills that will give you the edge and even CV and interview advice.

Find out more about his life at VANRATH, how he can help you level up professionally, and some behind-the-scenes details and reasons you might relate to Michael… Any Call of Duty fans out there? Keep on scrolling! 🎮👨‍💻


What did you do before working in recruitment?

“Before VANRATH I was working as a Software Tester. In this role, I worked on testing the new functions and improvements to a trading platform that is used by huge investment firms all around the world.

I feel this gives me a good base of knowledge within the industry. I’ve been a candidate looking for roles before so I know what the interview processes are like and what clients want to see from a good candidate.”

What area of IT recruitment do you specialise in?

“I specialise in C# and .NET recruitment at VANRATH and work on roles at all levels from junior and senior developers to principal and architect.”


What are some of the top skills IT employers are looking for right now?

“Cloud-based technologies are very popular with employers right now, they’re looking to integrate their legacy data onto cloud platforms now to make everything more secure and easier to access.”

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What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone looking for their next IT role?

“Make sure it’s for the right role and you can see a clear path of progression to enhance and grow as a developer, lead, or architect.”


Tea or coffee?

“Not that into coffee, I am definitely more of a tea man.”


What’s one thing you are looking forward to?

“I’m going to Berlin for a long weekend next week!”


What genre of movies is your favourite? Any recommendations?

“Anything action-based or thriller – something that gets the mind going. Interstellar, Prisoners, and The Prestige are some top movies I’d recommend giving a watch.”


What’s something you’re secretly good at?

“I’m good at finishing entire seasons of TV shows in one sitting.”

Apple or Android?

“Apple – aadroid has weird emojis.”

If you could teach a class on anything, what would it be?

“How to get better at Fifa and Call of Duty.”


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