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Newly Qualified Accountant? Coming out of contract? Here's what's next...

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

Are you a Newly Qualified Accountant coming out of Contract? There are a wealth of opportunities in the market looking specifically for someone like you, but you should ensure that your first career step is a strategic one!

In this blog, we share some of the key points you should consider to ensure you make the right first step.

Your first dilemma- Practice or Industry?


  • Working in practice offers Newly Qualified Accountants the opportunity to work with clients from a range of industries, allowing you to hone in on your technical skills while being exposed to a variety of industry sectors from tech to financial services whether that be in the audit, taxation or advisory service lines.

  • You can expect to deal with a variety of clients across industry sectors, from large multinationals, Top 100 Companies to leading public sector bodies.


  • Accountants working in industry often focus on the financial/management accounts within a business including cash flow, month-end and budgeting. Moving from practice to industry gives you the opportunity to utilise your skillset in a very different environment, where you are able to focus on the specific needs and requirements of the business you work in, rather than across the many businesses that are your clients.

  • A role in Industry will allow you to add real value to a company’s processes while providing key commercial insight into the strategic direction of the business.

If you decide a role in Practice is right for you- consider your specialism

Do you have a strong academic record, great communication skills and self-confidence? Assurance might be a good fit for you. Got an eye for detail, whilst being able to see the bigger picture? The internal audit might be your cup of tea. It’s hard to make a decision at this early stage, but a bit of research will go a long way to making sure your start in the right direction.

Consider company size and location

Do you like the idea of working in the city centre or would you prefer to work closer to home? These things matter when it comes to deciding where you work. It’s important that your job fits in with your lifestyle preferences.

Similarly, it’s good to work out if you like the idea of working in a large company, as part of a larger structured department, or whether you prefer a small, intimate team. When looking at all job specifications, make sure that you use these preferences to judge whether the job will suit your wider inclinations.

Consider your approach - it can make a world of difference.

The cusp of your career is an exciting place to be, but it can also be daunting to know what to do next. We have seen from experience how easy it can be to seize the first opportunity that presents itself. Whilst these decisions can sometimes bear fruit, starting in the wrong specialism, role or company has the potential to actually set talented individuals back a step; not only can this be demoralising, but it can also be a waste of time and potential, particularly in the crucial formative years of your career.

The VANRATH Accountancy team have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which allows our consultants to help advise and guide you in your decision making; simply put, they are your next support system, now you’ve left education!

It is VANRATH’s aim to ensure that newly qualified accountants are best advised to get started in the right career, first time round. Why? Because this approach fast tracks talent to the top; because making the right decisions, at the right time, can be the difference between a good career, and an exceptional one

Take a look at just some of the great opportunities you can apply for now!

At VANRATH building career success stories is what we do. We are experts in helping you find your next step and reach your personal career goals, even when you have no idea what the next step should be. 

For us, it’s more than just finding you a job you are suitable for, it’s about building a sustainable career with the right roles and the right company to fit with your unique goals and experience. 

Want to read more articles like this? Be sure to visit VANRATH’s News, which features industry insights and career advice. We post regularly on our LinkedIn page too, follow us to keep up to date. If you’re seeking immediate career advice call 028 9033 0250 or e-mail