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How Software Developers can Improve their CV

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

As the software market gets more competitive for the best jobs, we look at ways to improve your CV to appeal to recruiters and employers. Always add any additional information onto your CV, don’t leave it to the interview to bring them up as sometimes this can be too late.

  • Students should be contributing to open source projects, create your own open source project. Check out sites such as GitHub / Bitbucket for more information.

  • At the moment there are huge initiatives to get more kids into coding. You could try mentoring at CoderDojo, or some other voluntary organization, people are always grateful for your time and even an hour a week could be useful.

  • Try to build a good reputation on well known forums, for example stack exchange - you can gain reputation points on here even by just asking questions, you don't need to be answering all the time. If you are using forums such as these, consider using your real name, this way it will be easier for potential employers to find you through search engines.

  • Become active in your local coding community, in Belfast we have Farset Labs that run a number of events every month that attract people from various industries.

  • Gain professional certifications such as the Java and Microsoft certifications.

VANRATH is the leading specialist recruitment provider for the IT sector in Northern Ireland. We have relationships with our clients at the most senior level and can provide in depth knowledge on the types of things they look for in a potential employee cv. For further information call us on 02890 330 250 or e-mail