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Is Accounting a Good Career?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

With the advancements in technology, you may be wondering if accounting is still a good career to have? Let’s start with the simple fact that accountants make up the backbone of every business that comes with good job security and a good salary. Accountants will always be a key piece of any organisation.

Accounting provides steady employment, and a whole host of great opportunities in pretty much any kind of business you can think of.

Below I have listed 5 reasons why an accounting job is still one of your best options in the modern world.


1. Abundance of Accountant Jobs

Accounting isn’t going anywhere. Despite the shift in accounting roles becoming more analytical rather than data-centric, technology is in fact opening the doors to a greater variety of accounting jobs within the industry. Even with advancements in artificial intelligence and automation, businesses need accountants to interpret complex tax laws and ever changing regulations. It’s also worth noting that part of an accountants job is to manage and decode financial information to support major business decisions within a company.


2. Exciting and rewarding work

There’s a common misconception around accounting jobs in that it is simply punching numbers into a spreadsheet all day long and working off a calculator day after day. This is not the case. In an accounting job, you are helping the company in many different and highly important ways. You will be interpreting the financial data to aid decisions with:

  • Avoiding unprofitable business moves

  • Moving into new markets

  • Starting or ending business ventures

  • Finding ways of reducing waste of spendings

  • Launching new products or services

As an accountant, you underpin the shape and growth of a business for the future. You are relied upon for your expertise in order to make major decisions on how to create profitable and successful, and sustainable growth for the business.


3. Variety of roles and industries

Your accounting career can be extremely flexible, every business needs an accountant, and sometimes an entire in-house team. You’ll have opportunities to work directly for companies you are passionate about or a brand you love. For example, if you have an interest in sports, you could choose to get behind the sports team and keep their finances in order.

If you’re going to work for an external firm, you will have the option of a variety of clients, or focus on a particular sector. Within your chosen sector you will have a variety of accounting jobs to choose from. Lateral career moves within accounting are becoming more popular so it’s a good idea to gain a variety of skills while working towards your career goals. Areas to work in include:

  • Cost accounting

  • Internal auditing

  • Forensic accounting

  • Financial reporting

  • Tax accounting


4. Excellent earnings

The average salary for a newly qualified accountant in Northern Ireland is £35k, salaries are based on experience and can go up to well over £6ok. Accounting jobs have always been tantamount to good pay. Most accountant jobs will require advanced qualifications and certifications. Companies understand that with these credentials come higher salaries, and they are willing to deliver. If you want to further increase your salary within your accounting career, additional training is a great place to start. You’ll enhance your skills and stand out against other candidates.


5. Growth opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to avail of within the accounting industry that can prepare you for a role as an executive if this is the end goal.

After you’ve gained some experience in a variety of accounting jobs, you can look to management opportunities. CEO and CFO roles along with other corporate executives can benefit from a background of accounting knowledge. Even if you decide to switch career paths after several years, accounting skills are great to have in many other roles in business.


What’s the next step?

With plenty of reasons to become an accountant, you’re ready to get started on your career path! The first step is to complete your accounting degree. It’s true that some accounting jobs don’t need a degree but having a degree will open many more opportunities for you.

Once you’ve completed your degree, you can open even more doors by earning additional certifications.

Earning your ACCA or CIMA shows your commitment to the accounting industry and sets you apart from other candidates. Some of the more advanced accounting jobs prefer or require additional certification. Getting the certificate before it’s needed saves you time later. In addition, having a certificate will improve the skills you use in your daily role and can earn you a higher salary.

Your final destination on the way to a successful accounting career is to team up with VANRATH. Our Accountancy recruitment team have over 90 years combined experience, and we have been in the business of building accountants careers for over 21 years. Fun fact - VANRATH was originally set up as an accountancy recruitment agency! The founder, a chartered accountant himself, encompassed a passion for managing successful careers like his own, and here we are 21years later fuelled with that same passion. You can trust us to help you build a successful career in accounting.


At VANRATH building career success stories is what we do. We are experts in helping you find your next step and reach your personal career goals, even when you have no idea what the next step should be.

For us, it’s more than just finding you a job you are suitable for, it’s about building a sustainable career with the right roles and the right company to fit with your unique goals and experience.

Want to read more articles like this? Be sure to visit VANRATH’s News, which features industry insights and career advice. We post regularly on our LinkedIn page too, follow us to keep up to date. If you’re seeking immediate career advice call 028 9033 0250 or e-mail