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Why you should work with a Recruiter…

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

They say every day is a school day, and I totally agree!

This week I brought a really exciting opportunity to a candidate who took a few days to respond, then, when pushed, told me they wanted to continue their search independently…. Do candidates really appreciate the value of working with a recruiter and the advantage it gives them to secure the best career move for them?

So, to keep things brief I felt it would be worthwhile to point out some of the key reasons why you should work with a recruiter to assist you on your job search;


Northern Ireland is a small place. A good reputation and credibility is hard to earn and a good recruiter knows that. Do you really want your phone ringing from unknown potential employers when you’re mid Zoom with your boss? Do you want your references on your CV being contacted by people you don’t know? A good recruiter is your safety blanket, so that any communication with your new potential employer is positive and prepared. So that your reference contacts aren’t contacted unexpectedly, caught off guard and give a poor reflection of their interaction with you.

A more tailored job search

The job title you see may not match the job description. A job description may say 3+ years’ experience, but that doesn’t mean your 15 years’ experience is a no brainer to secure an interview. A good recruiter can give you insight into what profile the business is looking for. What level the hiring manager is at, and whether you’re a good match for the job you’ve seen or something potentially that you haven’t.

Support & guidance 

When a candidate offers to tailor their CV to match the job description I nearly fall over with excitement to work with them. This is because 90% of candidates don’t understand that their CV is the key to securing an interview. If it doesn’t match what the company are asking for, it’s likely a waste of time applying.

A good recruiter will stop you in your tracks and push you to show yourself in your best light on paper. Some candidates don’t wish to make the effort to do this, which is fine, but the candidates who do make the effort are almost certain to be shortlisted, and likely go on to have success in the process.

An ongoing relationship

Many of my previous candidates have become contacts in the businesses I recruit for. If they’ve trusted me with their own job, they’ll trust me to find talent they want to work with. This is the ultimate goal of a good recruiter! It’s not about placing somebody for a quick gain, there’s far too much work that goes into the process for that. A good recruiter is as happy for you to get a job as you are, as they tend to go through the motions with you throughout the process. As I’ve previously said Northern Ireland is a small place. Even if I don’t place a candidate I always do my best to tell them what they need to hear, and support where I can.


Candidates sometimes think applying directly to a company will give them the upper hand. I have had HR contacts ask me why a person has applied directly instead of through the trusted recruiter, as surely they would want to have the insight before blindly applying… When you apply directly to a company they don’t always have the resources to give you insight into whether the job, team or culture fits you, or whether you’re anywhere near the right person they’re attracted to. After applying you have the invitation to next stage, or rejection. With both, a good recruiter will walk you through these steps, so that you’re constantly enhancing your skills for the next hurdle, or improving on the areas that have let you down at interview.

AT VANRATH all of our recruitment consultants are experts within their specialist sectors. They have in-depth knowledge of the local recruitment market which is unrivalled in Northern Ireland.

To discuss the next steps in your career, or get an overview of the current market, please contact us on 02890 330 250 or e-mail  As previously mentioned all conversations are treated in the strictest of confidence.

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