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5 Things Not To Say In An Interview

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

While there are many things you should say in an interview, there are some very obvious no-no’s that are surprisingly common. We have been doing this for over 21 years and provide extensive interview prep for our candidates. Below we’ve listed some short and sweet tips that might just save you from a bad interview.

1)  "What does your company do?"

By not knowing what the company does, you show a lack of interest in the position. You don't need to know all the details and ins and outs of the company for the interview, so don’t stress over this too much. A basic understanding of what the company does and some of the values it holds will show your interest and increase your chances of getting the job.


2)  "I don’t have any weak points..."

You know you aren’t perfect at everything, and your interviewer knows it too. This is a very common question; your interviewer wants to know you recognise your weaknesses. A good tip is to include that you do not use your weaknesses as excuses but as an opportunity to grow. Interviewers will be aware that you may be “all talk”, so another good tip is to actually follow this point through if you do get the job.

You should come up with some points prior to the interview, confidence is key.


3) "What is the salary for this position?"

By asking this question in an interview you will give off the impression that you are only after the paycheck and not the job itself. It’s advisable that you leave this discussion for your recruitment consultant who will have a closer relationship with the employer and can handle the discussion tactfully. Your chances of a better salary will be much higher, VANRATH make sure you get the salary you are after.


4) Don’t Bad Mouth your current/ previous employer

Doing so will paint you as immature and potentially spiteful which will not be an attractive or desirable quality for the employer. Prospective employers are likely to side with your current/previous employer and will wonder if you are difficult to manage. If asked why you are leaving, try to focus on the benefits of the new job and company that attract you.


5) If you are asked if you have any questions, don’t say "No"

This is one of the worst things you can do in an interview. It highlights a lack of interest in the company and the role. Even if they have covered everything you wanted to know, prepare a couple of questions about the company and the role to ask. Repeating something that’s already been highlighted to you is not a bad thing, it will show you are keen to fully understand all the information you’ve been given.

At VANRATH we give detailed interview preparation to all of our candidates which is unrivalled in the local market. This will significantly increase your chances of success. To speak with one of our consultants, phone 028 9033 0250 or e-mail Browse our current jobs by clicking here. 

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