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VANRATH Tech Round Up - 2nd April 2021

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH
  1. Cloudsmith develops premier software delivery platform following £800k R&D investment

Unique in the market, the Cloudsmith platform is the first all-in-one managed service platform which offers software developers the observability and control they need to ensure their software is always verified, packaged and optimised. This allows for lightning-fast delivery to its customers...

  1. PayPal and Visa move to integrate cryptocurrency payments

Cryptocurrency has been one of the biggest FinTech innovations in recent memory, and yet it's taken until recently for it to gain wide acceptance as a payment system. The tech sector has been looking for alternative uses for the blockchain tech underpinning cryptocurrencies, but the most clear-cut use is still its use as a digital currency system...

  1. Fujitsu takes on IBM in race for most powerful quantum computer

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has announced a new initiative to build on top of Riken research institute’s ongoing work with advanced superconducting quantum computing technologies to create a 1000 qubits quantum computer within the next few years. The announcement comes after IBM promised to deliver a...

  1. ScreenWorks Online helps young people start careers in games

The screen industries have become some of Northern Ireland's fastest-growing emerging industries in recent years. Major TV shows such as Game of Thrones selecting Northern Ireland for filming has helped shine a light on the local industry, and major recent wins for local game development studios is helping to put the NI games industry on the map...

  1. Microsoft Edge may soon block one of the worst things about the internet

Microsoft Edge may be about to win a lot of fans by introducing a new feature that it says could prevent one of the most annoying things about being online. A new update to the browser suggests it is looking at a way to block auto-playing videos by default when a user navigates to a website. Techdows spotted a new entry to the Microsoft Edge...

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