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3 Recruitment Myths - DEBUNKED!

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

You’ve found yourself clicking through to this mini-blog, which means you could potentially be considering how your organisation could benefit from the knowledge, expertise and extensive network of a recruitment agency such as VANRATH. You may also just be curious about what the truth behind the myths of why you shouldn’t use a recruitment agency really are. Either way we invite you to read on as we debunk these myths!


1. You can post a job ad on online job boards and find the same people that a recruiter would send you

Incorrect. Good recruiters don’t just look for talent through job advertisements or LinkedIn. They will have relationships with many candidates, some of whom are not actively seeking a new job, which has been developed over years of networking within their respective industry.

Job boards will only reach those who are seeking out a new job and will potentially miss the best candidates in the marketplace. While LinkedIn is full of business professionals, it is not the solution for most job searches. A survey on social media and recruiting tells that only 35% of potential job seekers have a LinkedIn profile, so where are the other 65%?

Finally, many profiles will show you only a snapshot of a potential candidate’s background. At VANRATH we work harder to understand our candidates personality and career goals, to ensure we place them in a role that is the right fit, for both them and the company they will be working in.


2. All recruiters are the same

Different companies working in the same industry will always have a different reputation, outlook, ethos, workforce and professional ethics. Many recruiters out there are numerically focused prioritising quantity over quality. At VANRATH we pride ourselves on the quality of our recruiters and our candidates and appreciate that we are all different in our own rights. We invest considerable time getting to know our candidates in order to match them with a client that suits them personally and professionally. By continually monitor trends and developments within the market we can ensure we provide quality advice, and support, to our clients and candidates.


 3. Recruiters are too expensive and return on investment is poor

Consider the time spent by internal HR, Line Managers or Directors sifting through multiple CV’s for each role advertised, contacting each candidate to confirm their interest, confirming interview times, making offers which may not be accepted and organising start dates. This is all time spent away from profit generating activities and growth for the company.... and what if it turns out to be a bad hire?? Experts estimates that the cost of a failed hire to a company is at least 4x that of the employees annual remuneration.

At VANRATH our consultants manage the entire recruitment process, from sending only the best candidates, through to managing the offer process and start date. We also offer a free replacement in the unlikely event of one of our candidates not working out at the company. All in all a great return on investment.

We have specialised in matching the right candidates to the right roles for 20 years. Head to our website, read the many great google reviews on our home page  and explore more about VANRATH.