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VANRATH IT: The Annual Big Data Belfast Conference 2017

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago

It’s no secret that Big Data is the hot topic of the moment. The annual Big Data Belfast conference has been running for a number of years now, and every single year we see an increasing number of globally renowned companies getting involved. Yesterday marked the fifth year of the conference, and with companies such as Citi Bank, Bazaar Voice and Skyscanner partaking in the event, it’s safe to say that this was the biggest conference yet. VANRATH IT were proud to be one of the sponsors for the annual Big Data Belfast conference, and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing from some of the industry's most innovative thinkers.

The agenda for the day boasted an impressive list of presentations. One of the first speakers we heard from was Colin McFarland, Director of Experimentation at Skyscanner. He explained how the company uses Big Data for AB testing, which involves conducting experiments on small groups of users. This model is integral to the business as it allows the company to trial different theories without affecting user experience, whilst also helping to spark new ideas. We also heard from Austin Tanney at Analytics Engines, who conducted a live analysis on global diabetes data, which revealed some interesting links between the disease and various socioeconomic factors, including social deprivation and salary levels.

What was the most important thing we learnt from yesterday’s conference? Big Data is unlike any other field in the IT industry. It can be incorporated into to a huge volume of disciplines including Technology, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, and the Government, making it largely inclusive. This could be seen amongst the attendees too; between Data Scientists, Software Engineers, Biologists, Government Statisticians and even Lawyers, the conference produced a largely diverse group of professionals which was incredibly refreshing to see.

Unable to attend or missed a talk, and interested in hearing more? We’ll be doing a series of blogs all about the day, so make sure you stay tuned. Our expert consultants are always at hand at all events, but if  you're seeking careers advice more immediately, then please contact us directly on 028 9033 0250, or visit our Knowledge Centre and Facebook page where we share all of the latest industry insights.