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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Northern Ireland For Your Next Career Move

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

Are you an IT professional interested in relocating for your next role? Here are three big reasons why you should consider Northern Ireland for your next career move.

  1. Northern Ireland is #1 in the world for Cyber Security investment 

Cyber Security is becoming a major global issue, and is at the top of the international agenda; in the UK alone there have been over 500 cyber attacks in the past year. One such instance occurred in May 2017, when the NHS was subject to a major cyber attack which also affected thousands of other companies worldwide. Unfortunately this was not an isolated incident: just recently in August 2017, the trust was hit by a second ransomware attack which forced them to halt hospital care and cancel operations.

Northern Ireland is renowned for our top Engineers, who have been leading the way for cyber security. As a result, we’ve received more investment than anywhere else in the world. What does this mean for IT professionals? It’s been forecasted that Northern Ireland will become home to over 5000 jobs in the sector by 2026, delivering salaries of £60 million per annum in total.  This is especially promising for the likes of Security Engineers, Penetration Testers, and Security Architects, who will have endless opportunities available. With the arrival of globally renowned companies such as Oracle, IBM and Chef, it’s not just IT professionals in the field of Cyber Security who are profiting; there are many additional roles available for others in related fields.

  1. Salaries are the same, but the cost of living is much more affordable

You might expect a pay gap between IT professionals in Northern Ireland and London, but the pleasant surprise is that the salaries are almost identical. The only major difference you’ll find is that the cost of living is comparatively lower, which means you’ll take home more at the end of every month.

Have you been dreaming of buying a new car or a booking a sunny holiday, but haven’t had the means to afford it? By relocating to Northern Ireland, that dream could turn into reality. When it comes to property, it’s an even rosier picture. Whether it’s your own home or a potential investment, Northern Ireland is the place to buy. On average, it costs just under £130,000 to a buy a home here, which is £80,000 below the national average. If your goal is to escape the constraints of renting in the near-future, you can certainly achieve it here.

  1. We have a lot more to offer than just a career 

You may wonder, what is life in Northern Ireland like in 2017? A recent survey ranked Northern Ireland as the most content place to live in the UK. The hospitality and tourism sectors play a significant role in this. Throughout the past few years, Belfast has seen a huge spike, with many bars, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs opening across the city, firmly establishing its sociable status. With events such as Belfast Mela, Culture Night, Oktoberfest and the Christmas Continental market, there really is something fun and light-hearted for everyone. For families who cry to be outdoors, or nature enthusiasts who prefer a quieter setting, Northern Ireland has some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of the UK. The Giant’s Causeway, Tollymore Forest Park and Dunluce Castle are just a few of the most breathtaking places you can admire in Northern Ireland.

If you’re open to relocating and considering Northern Ireland as your next home, then be sure to visit our live jobs page here, where you can browse all of the latest IT jobs. If you’d prefer to seek advice from someone directly, please don’t hesitate to call VANRATH on 028 9033 0250.