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Heading Back to Uni? Here are 3 Tips to Get Back in the Swing of Things.

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

Heading back to university this September? Struggling to get into the school spirit? It can be hard to feel motivated when you’ve had three months off, frolicking in the sun. Here are three tips to reinvigorate your energy for the academic year ahead.

  • Shake up your strategy

Are you used to working in a certain way? Perhaps you’re a diehard highlighting fan, or the regurgitating type who likes to read, write, repeat. Working monotonously can become ineffective, and hinder our ability to digest information; it could be time to switch things up and experiment. Are you more visual? Try making a Pinterest board, or re-organising your notes into symbolic shapes that incite different meanings. Are you an auditory learner? Podcasts could be the key for you. With so many readily available, you’ll have plenty to choose from that suit your subject.

  • Reward yourself

There’s a whole theory centered on motivation and reward attraction. Let’s face it, if there’s an excuse to indulge ourselves, we’re all in. There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate the reward system into your study routine. Whether it’s treating yourself to a night on the town, a high-tech gadget, or even a Mars bar (but not too many…) there’s always something that we’re willing to work for. Feeling like you really deserve it- that’s the best part.

  • Remember the bigger picture 

Getting good grades can seem like the be-all and end-all, but in reality, it’s only half of the picture. When your university experience ends and you’re applying for jobs, employers will look for the whole package. Use this time to invest in what genuinely interests you. Is that gaming? Shadow a web developer and see how games come to life. Economics nerd? Contribute to your university magazine or start an e-zine. If you engage with your interests, not only will it make you an attractive candidate; you’ll leave university having gained an experience that’s way more fun and dynamic. Win-win.

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