Senior Complaints Handler (Progression Role - 25k + 2.5k)

Job Description

VANRATH are delighted to be assisting a leading Tech focused - rapidly growing - company with the recruitment of degree educated Graduates who would like to move into a company that they can progress their career within.

The role available is an Senior Complaints Handler - You will join a team that has encouraged great customer care, through continuous improvement of the tools we use and the processes we put in place. There is a real progression opportunity available from this position into a Lead role.

The role is based in Belfast City Centre - Monday - Friday (Permanent) - After probation period of 3 months is passed then Hybrid working is offered.


£23,000 - £25,000 + £2,500 share options + Performance review 2 times a year (likely to get salary increase/promotion) + other Additional Benefits (Top Company). Some of the best benefits on the market (full benefits package available upon request)

The Ideal Person

  • Having experience with Complaints/ Resolving / Escalations
  • Having FCA experience is preferred
  • Having experience in Fintech or Banks is preferred but not essential
  • Someone who wants to progress their career - an individual who wants to make a strategic move for their career
  • Passionate individual and a strong communicator
  • Individual with initiative
  • Experience with any of SQL, Looker, Lean or FCA is beneficial but not essential


The company is looking to bring in a proactive Senior Complaints Resolution Associate to investigate and resolve complaints and complex queries, whilst ensuring the highest possible standard of service is provided to customers.

  • Full Job spec available upon request
  • Progression Role

For further information on this opportunity, or any other jobs in Belfast or wider Northern Ireland, please apply via the link below or contact Jack Groves on 02890330250 or in the strictest confidence.

A recruiter will often have access to jobs that are not publicly posted. There are many reasons for this, but just know that sometimes an agency recruiter will be able to get you access to a company that is not posting jobs publicly.

Oftentimes what occurs is that a company has a role and they have exhausted their efforts trying to find someone to hire, so they turn to a job agency. At that point, they stop posting the job online and let the agency handle the recruitment efforts.

Other times, a company might never publicly post the job online. They might know how futile it is to post a job online when thousands of unqualified applicants will flood their inbox with resumes that are totally useless. So, they task an agency recruiter with finding the person to hire

Many times, recruiters are working with a limited number of open positions. However, a recruiter is not often going to be that transparent with you. So, if you are seeking a job as a Project Manager and the recruiter does not have that role (or worse, if they don't ever handle these types of jobs).

The other con when working with a recruiter is transparency. They are a middle agent between you and the company. In some cases, such as in direct hire situations, that is not a significant issue.

However, when you are working as a temp through a staffing agency and dealing with a recruiter, understand that the firm that the recruiter works for is paying you a lower salary than the company is paying the firm. Much of that is tired up with the burden aka the cost of employing someone. However, some agencies are predatory and pay people as little as legally possible.

So, you might be working for close to minimum wage and the staffing firm that the recruiter works for is billing the company three times your hourly rate. It's not unheard of in major saturated markets like Chicago, Boston, New York City and Los Angeles to have a person making 16 dollars an hour as a temp and the company pay the staffing agency 40 dollars per hour.

Finally, as you can see from the briefly discussed markup situation, it is in the best interest of the staffing agency that the recruiter works for to keep you on indefinite temp status. This is why so many staffing firms refuse to ever place people permanent. They just make more money keeping you on as a full time temporary worker.

The downside to this is obvious. Staffing agencies, for all their promises, do not pay insurance. They don't contribute to a 401k. They don't provide anything besides hourly work. Having worked with dozens of them over the years, and having known and worked with hundreds of recruiters, the story is always the same.