HSE Manager - 50k - Top Company w/Progression

Job Description

Fantastic opportunity for an experienced Health, Safety and Environmental Manager to join a thriving Food manufacturing company (one of the largest in Ireland, and the most Modern).

This proves to be a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to progress their career and widen their knowledge in a leading organisation. This company places immense value on their staff, and is one of the best places for an individual who is looking to progress their career.

This company is in a Business Transformation stage - in which the company is undergoing a significant growth period. This is the best time to join this amazing company.

Office is based in Warrenpoint - Permanent role


£39,000 - £50,000 (Negotiable) + Additional Fantastic Benefits and Perks


  • Drive standardisation, improvement, and controls in HSE across the whole of the site.
  • Lead the identification and maintenance of the H&SE Risk Register across site to agree and implement a continuous improvement programme.
  • Track H&SE Improvement Action Plans, together with associated KPIs, to identify corrective actions and ensure continuous traction of reducing the potential of accident risk.
  • Review and sign off all H&SE investigations across site to ensure appropriate disciplines, root cause analysis, solution design and implementation.
  • Be involved with the review of any new proposed site capital investment projects ensuring that they are fit for purpose from a H&SE perspective and have the appropriate safe methods of working in place prior to commissioning.
  • Lead all H&SE compliance requirements in line with all legislative, regulatory and market / customer requirements.
  • Chair a monthly H&SE meeting that reviews all accidents, environmental non-compliance, and corrective actions.
  • Lead H&SE governance across the whole site by developing the right corporate standards and operating procedures.

The Ideal Person:

  • Experience in similar role
  • Proven experience of handling Health and Safety Executive and local regulatory compliance inspections.
  • NEBOSH - Desirable

For further information on this opportunity, or any other position in Northern Ireland, please apply via the link below or contact Jack Groves via Vanrath in the strictest confidence.

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