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Soaring in Tech: Lisa Stevenson's Inspiring Journey at Apex Fintech Solutions

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author:by Lisa Stevenson

Placed by VANRATH, Lisa Stevenson shares her success as a leader in today’s tech market

Meet Lisa Stevenson, a trailblazing female leader in the tech industry, who was placed by VANRATH and is reaching new heights at Apex Fintech Solutions!

In this exclusive Q&A blog, Lisa reveals how she went from studying software engineering to becoming the VP and Site Lead at a globally successful fintech company. Keep on reading as we discuss entry routes to tech, industry trends, diversity, work-life balance and her vision for Apex Fintech Solutions as they advance and expand…

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Can you share your journey and how you progressed in your career to become the Site Lead and VP at Apex Fintech Solutions?

"I did software engineering as a degree — I was one of three women out of a hundred in my course. I started my career in England, which provided me with more variety of jobs as I went to university in Birmingham. I found that there was a lot more choice there for which career path I wanted to take. Starting in software engineering, I had opportunities to take charge of organising projects — and from there, I became a project manager, although I always worked in software delivery and delivering various projects, either for external clients or in-house products.

“When I moved back to Northern Ireland, I worked on an Ulster Bank project to migrate that platform onto the Royal Bank of Scotland, which was a huge technical project. After that, I worked for fintech companies like CME, who were coming to Northern Ireland. I supported them in becoming a more agile place as we set up engineering teams. Being able to work in different markets and leading projects with huge portfolio programmes led me to my current role at Apex Fintech Solutions.

“In this role, I had the opportunity to create something from scratch instead of inheriting something. I set up a whole technology department and operations department that is now part of Apex Fintech Solutions UK."

As a tech leader, what are the key industry trends you're observing in the IT sector, particularly in Northern Ireland?

"Cybersecurity is a big one. It is crucial in protecting companies from dubious efforts. AI is also a very hot topic, and data like big data, and data modelling are also prominent trends. Companies leverage data to get timely insights to help them make better decisions and be better prepared for the future."

Can you tell us more about how you are now expanding your offices to the Philippines?

"It is very exciting! We will be opening an office in the Philippines to leverage 24-hour work and support. We will also be opening software engineering roles out there, taking advantage of the availability of a good 24-hour, five-day working week support for our clients. We intend to go global, and Belfast was the first Apex Solutions outside of the US. Now, we will open a third location there in a different continent."

What strategies do you employ to foster a strong team culture and engagement within co-located and global teams?

"I believe it’s essential for the team to be as self-sufficient and autonomous as possible. They should be supported locally, so if they need DevOps, Infratech or tech support, it's all collocated to enable the team's efficiency. Understanding the dynamics of what makes a good team, fostering collaboration, and problem-solving are also crucial. We encourage people to come together as often as they can to leverage real-time thinking, ensuring every voice is heard. Being inclusive and diverse allows everyone to bring different perspectives to the table."

What advice would you give to aspiring IT professionals who are looking to advance their careers in the tech industry, especially women and young females?

"There are many opportunities out there. For instance, we run events like 'Poker Power,' a female-only event where women and girls can learn poker to leverage leadership skills, strategy, and risk. I encourage women to join events, organisations like 'Women Who Code,' and attend conferences to discover the various roles available in tech. The tech industry offers numerous opportunities and careers that you can explore and excel in."

How do you stay updated with the latest technological advancements and ensure your skills remain relevant in such a fast-paced industry?

"When you work in tech, you are an eternal student; you are always learning. It's essential to keep your skills up-to-date in this fast-paced industry. There's a wealth of information available through podcasts, books and other resources. I'm currently more into leadership and management strategies, so I suggest people explore the vast array of learning materials out there for different interests."

What are your thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the tech sector, and how do you promote these values within your organisation?

"Diversity and inclusion are crucial, and I believe having female leaders can be inspiring for others to see the opportunities available to them. The tech sector is quite diverse, providing many opportunities for people with different abilities and backgrounds to find their career paths.

“However, the entry path can be challenging, especially for those without degrees. But the good news is that there have been changes, and there are now more opportunities for people to enter the tech sector through various programs and initiatives. A degree is not always essential, self-learning is a big side of it too — so don’t let the thought of not having a degree in tech put you off.”

How do you maintain a work-life balance while managing a demanding leadership role in the tech industry? Can you really have it all?

"Maintaining a work-life balance takes great discipline and flexibility. It's about understanding that having a healthy, happy, and productive team requires considering people's personal lives and appointments. We encourage a culture where people have time for training and personal development, ensuring they are well-supported and have the necessary tools to succeed. Delegation and prioritisation play a significant role in managing a demanding leadership role effectively."

Apex Fintech Solutions is described as "advancing the frontier of what's possible" in the fintech industry. Can you tell us more about the innovative solutions and how you stand out?

"At Apex Fintech Solutions, we focus on enabling our clients to offer investment opportunities to their customers. We strive to make investments accessible to everyone, advancing the frontier of what's possible. We stand out by providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to our clients' needs and empower their customers to invest with ease."

As the Site Lead and VP at Apex Fintech Solutions, what role do you play in driving innovation? How do you encourage a culture of continuous improvement and exploration of new technologies?

"As someone with a background in agile delivery, I emphasise reflection and continuous improvement. It's crucial to learn from past experiences and make informed decisions. We encourage our team to engage in inspection and adaptation to foster a culture of innovation. We provide collaborative spaces and tools to support knowledge-sharing and information exchange, even among remote team members. Emphasising a fun and relaxed atmosphere helps spark creativity and encourages our team to explore new technologies and possibilities."

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