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The impact of hiring the right leader

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

​Hiring the right leader or senior executive presents a significant level of risk for a business but also presents an exciting opportunity for new experiences, energy and enthusiasm. Leadership drives & influences attitude, performance, strategy and communication among other aspects of culture and vision, so aligning the skills & personality of a new leader with the existing people and purpose is key to maximising the successful impact and ‘fit’ of a new appointment.

The risk for a business if a hire goes wrong, at any level and within any size of business, is potentially substantial. It’s not just the financial and productivity considerations of having to integrate, coach or train the individual and even ultimately replace them, but the ripple-effect impacting the success of the operation plus the moral of the wider team can have much broader and longer lasting ramifications.

The selection & hiring process is never more crucial than at a leadership or executive position and can be particularly challenging but strategic steps can be taken to minimise the risks and maximise the opportunity.

How does a business begin the process of finding the best-fit high-calibre executive candidates? At VANRATH, we invest considerable time getting to know our candidates and our clients and so can address concerns or queries as well as provide total transparency for both parties to take make the right investment. Our strategies & methods reduce the risks by working closely with the business to define the role and provide the best fit for the organisation ensuring the best candidate fits the long-term needs.

The benefits of using VANRATH includes access to candidates that may not be actively applying for roles in the market but also a deeper insight into their experiences, personality and aspirations. Additionally, we offer market-wide information including salary levels, experience requirements and suitable qualifications for the position. We deliver improved efficiency by shortening the process through pre-selecting the best fit candidates for the role and supporting the end-to-end process from interviews through to offer negotiations.

VANRATH are a market leader in Northern Ireland and our dedication to confidentiality, professionalism and the wealth of knowledge held by our Senior Consultants for over 21 years is unrivalled. As well as our unequalled recruitment experience, we uniquely have industry-experienced professionals who have occupied many of the roles we now support with hiring. Our demonstrable track record in pairing the best local talent with leading local businesses is validated by our industry leading reviews, feedback and testimonials.

For further information or to arrange a confidential discussion, contact Henry Webb on or 028 9033 0250