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Top tips to overcome nerves and ace your next job interview!

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

You've found a job you love, updated your CV, submitted your application and now you've landed the interview!

However, if you’re like many people you may feel nervous about the interview and what the unknown might bring. Nerves are normal but being able to overcome them is crucial to setting a confident tone when meeting with potential employers.

In this blog, we share five ways to conquer an interview even if you’re feeling nervous.

  1. Admit you’re feeling nervous

Employers will understand and expect you to be nervous. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you do tense up, it might be mistaken for being uninterested. Try to remind yourself that it’s ok to feel nervous. The interviewer will want to see you succeed!

If you are feeling particularly nervous, take a breath before answering a question to give you time to gather your thoughts. If you feel silence might be awkward, you could say ‘That’s a good question’. Take your time and remember you can ask for clarification if you think you might have misunderstood the interviewer’s question.

  1. Attitude is key!

Don’t forget to show enthusiasm for the role! If you’re excited about the prospect of landing the job, let the interviewer know. Whilst you may have the right experience and qualifications for the role you have applied for, the employer will also likely be looking for someone who has the right attitude.

It can be a deal-breaker, so if you particularly like something about the company or if you’re enthused about a specific aspect of the job, share that with the interviewer!

  1. Don’t assume they know you are passionate

Finding people who are passionate about a job and the company can be difficult. Employers are always looking for people who can continue to work hard even if things become challenging. Demonstrate that you want to work for a company by saying ‘I would love to work here because…’. In essence, the point isn’t that you need to have loved something since the day you were born, it’s that you give proof for why you want the job.

  1. Remember to provide evidence

Try to avoid saying phrases like “I am reliable” or “I’m a hard-working individual”. Whilst they are likely true, the interviewer can’t verify that!

Instead, tell the interviewer about situations where you have shown you are reliable or give an example of a project where your hard work resulted in success. It’s also a good idea to acknowledge and share what you have learnt from challenges.

  1. Social skills

The previous tips we have shared have been about showing a prospective employer that you have the right attitude. But don’t forget about social skills!

Remember that the person interviewing you is a human being who probably likes the same qualities in people that you do. We all spend a lot of time with the people we work with. Therefore, it’s important to show that you can develop relationships, work in a team and fit in with company culture!

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