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Working with a Recruitment Consultant: Demystified

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

For many people, the process of job hunting can be arduous, time consuming, and even a little bit demotivating. With so many roles out there, it can be hard to know what company will suit you, and what positions are worth taking the time to apply for.

Many people choose to undertake their job search alone, unaware or unsure of the advantages that working with a recruitment consultant can offer. In this blog, we set the record straight on the misconceptions that circulate about working with recruiters. Not only can they help lighten the load of job hunting - they might just land you the role of your dreams!

Misconception 1: Recruiters will contact your references 

At VANRATH, we understand that making a career change is a big decision; we also know that it can be a highly sensitive matter. Our consultants are highly attuned to our candidates need for discretion and to this end, we never contact references without talking to our candidates first.

Confidentiality is at the heart of our company ethos - we’ll always be careful to check that you can talk freely when we call and will meet our candidates outside working hours to avoid the need to take time out during the working day.

Misconception 2: Recruiters will send your CV out en masse.

We discuss each potentially suitable role with our candidates in the first instance. If the candidate is interested in applying for the role, we will work with them closely to tailor their CV to the given position. This approach ensures that the candidate is in control of their applications and the information each potential employer receives; it also gives the candidate the best chance of success and a good job fit.

Misconception 3: You will be pressured to go to interviews for roles you’re not interested in

Our consultants take the time to really get to know our candidates. We ask the questions they may not have considered themselves. By taking the time to really dig deep and understand what makes our candidates tick, our consultants are better equipped to match them to prospective roles.

We also take the time to go to the employer’s offices and get a feel for the atmosphere, team and role on offer. Ultimately, we know when we manage to make a perfect candidate - company match that it increases the chances of long term success. We pride ourselves on playing the long game - so rest assured, we’ll only be sending our candidates to job interviews that offer the opportunity to fulfil their long term goals.

Simply put, recruiters are industry specialists who are dedicated to helping candidates find the best next career step in their chosen field. At VANRATH, we ensure that we approach the process with the sensitivity, reliability and care it deserves. 

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