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​6 Reasons Why Using The Right Recruiter Will Get You The Right Job

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

Why use a recruiter?

There are many misconceptions in the local job market leading candidates to believe that they may progress better in their career should they take the matter into their own hands. This is definitely not the case; below we have discussed just some of the reasons why using an established and successful recruiter, such as VANRATH, can actually excel your career and get you the right job. 

  1. It costs nothing. A recruiter is paid by the client to provide them with potential candidates. There is no cost to you. A good recruiter will support you and will have your best interests at the forefront as it is in their interest to find you a job you will enjoy and be successful in.

  2. Exclusive access to “hidden” job market. National job boards are not used by many companies, they are usually too time consuming. The importance of a quick turn around when looking for new staff is critical in business. Companies working closely and usually exclusively with recruiters can rely on the recruiter to supply an immediate pool of good candidates. An average of 3-5 candidates can be pulled for an interview in a short period of time.

  3. Protecting your privacy. The connections we have in the digital world are remarkable; however it’s also a GDPR nightmare. Forums such as “Monster” or “Jobsite” may notify your boss that you are looking around if you upload your CV. Recruiters are highly confidential; they protect you and limit the chances of anyone, including your boss, from finding out.

  4. First-hand knowledge on the company. A recruiter will know their clients from the ground up, they will have had a tour of the company, met with hiring managers and established a good rapport with the team. You will have access to information on the company’s culture, size of team, location and the appropriate etiquette and dress code for your interview.

  5. Specialist recruiters make you exclusive. Finding a specialist recruiter and working with them exclusively, is something hiring managers love. It proves you are professional and that your CV has not been shown to them multiple times by multiple recruiters. Desperation will not get you the job you desire, be smart about your recruiter choice.

  6. Sit back and relax. Let the recruiter do the work for you, they will accommodate to your availability. This allows you to continue freely with your life without the any of the job hunting stress or worry. A good recruiter will go the extra mile for you and arrange interviews, brief you and have interview preparations to help you with hard questions.


AT VANRATH all of our recruitment consultants are experts within their specialist sectors. They have in-depth knowledge of the local recruitment market which is unrivalled in Northern Ireland.

To discuss the next steps in your career, or get an overview of the current market, please contact us on 02890 330 250 or e-mail  As previously mentioned all conversations are treated in the strictest of confidence.

Want to read more articles like this? Be sure to visit VANRATH’s  NEWS, which features all kinds of industry insights and career advice. We post regularly on our LinkedIn page too, so don’t hesitate to check that out as well. If you’re seeking immediate career advice then visit our website or call 028 9033 0250.