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From Application to Placement: A Tell-All Account of Working with VANRATH

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

Do you have a history of job hunting alone? The prospect of working with a recruitment agency might seem daunting; after all, if you’ve never been through the process, how can you know what to expect? Here at VANRATH, we adhere to a system that puts our candidates first. We appreciate that signing up to a recruitment agency can be a big decision, so we’ve outlined exactly what you can expect to happen when you register with VANRATH.

What happens when I submit my CV?

When you hit ‘submit’, your CV will be sent directly to our administrators who identify which sector you fall under, based on your previous experience. Within an hour of receiving it, your CV will be sent to the relevant consultants who will have 24 hours to review it and see if your skills meet the criteria to allow them to assist in your job search. If you fall across two sectors, such as Sales and IT, your CV will be passed onto both teams. Should VANRATH not be able to assist you in your job search, we’ll send you an email letting you know within 1-2 days. Rest assured; this is only after your CV has been well and truly circulated amongst the consultants.

VANRATH have taken me on as a candidate- excellent! What happens next?

In the following days, a consultant will reach out via telephone or email to set up an informal meeting with you. The consultant will ask you a number of questions about your career goals and requirements, in addition to gauging a sense of your personality, strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to build a detailed picture of you,  enabling them to place you in the right role, and not just any role in your sector.

Our meeting went well. When will I be contacted about potential roles?

This varies according to the roles that are currently available. Whilst there may be an existing, vacant role upon registering that’s perfect for you, sometimes it can take longer for the right opportunity to arise. As soon as our consultants are assigned a role that’s suitable for you, they’ll be in touch. Our consultants always discuss potential roles with candidates before reaching out to clients, to make sure they're interested in what's on offer.

Are VANRATH doing anything else to assist me in my job search?

Our work doesn’t simply end if there aren’t any suitable roles on offer. We work away in the background for our candidates, sending their profiles out to different clients who we think you’ll resonate with. Clients are always keen to learn about potential candidates, even if they’re not actively recruiting for a position, and often enquire more about specific candidates they’re interested in. It's worth noting that we'll never put your name on these profiles, so your privacy is totally protected.

I have an interview! Can my consultant help me prepare?

Of course they can- they are experts in the industry and also know the client's requirements in detail: no one is better placed to help you get ready! Our consultants can coach you on the phone, or you can come in for a coffee, and together you'll work through a mock-interview, where you'll get tips on how to handle any tricky questions, and to demonstrate all your experience.

They’ve offered me the job – great! What can my consultant do for me now?

Negotiating salaries and logistics can be an awkward conversation to have with your prospective employer, which is where our consultants step in. Your consultant will handle those difficult conversations: this alleviates any stress of having those conversations yourself, and given their expertise in the industry, our consultants know the best working practices and will make sure your transition is as easy as it could be.

We’re all done. Where does that leave me with my consultant?

You’ve secured a new job: congratulations! The very last step in the process? Handing in your notice. This may fill you with a looming sense of dread but don’t panic; your consultant is here to walk you through the whole process. They’ll meet you face-to-face for a coffee or quick bite, to guide you on the best way to handle this and of course, to congratulate you securing your new role!  

If you’re thinking about registering with VANRATH then please visit the ‘Submit your CV’ page.

You can also browse live roles on our job boards.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact VANRATH on 028 9033 0250.