Contract and interim work has become a vital part of staffing strategies for businesses, and can provide professionals with a credible, flexible and rewarding career path.

Why You Should Consider A Career In Contracting​

​There are endless benefits to contract employment, although many people will only consider permanent positions – bypassing the fantastic opportunities that come with interim work!

We’re here to help you realise all the reasons a contract role may be right for you. From making more money to flexible hours and an improved work-life balance, keep on reading to find out the amazing advantages that come with contract employment

What is interim / contract employment?

Interim employees are needed at all levels of business across different sectors. This is when you are brought into a company to help (typically) with a more urgent requirement, like a project, covering a period of maternity, long-term sickness or during a growth phase where multiple hires are needed quickly. There are also scenarios like a permanent hiring freeze, or perhaps where the norm with our client is simply to hire on a temporary-with-a-view-to-permanent basis via ourselves to ensure the ‘fit’ is right for the team before confirming a permanent appointment.

Working as an interim employee/contractor can take different forms, from rolling contracts based on daily or hourly rates to fixed-term period contracts. A career as an interim can bring many benefits in terms of variety, meeting interesting people in new and exciting sectors, and enjoying new experiences and challenges across different projects and companies that require your skill set.

Greater flexibility

Working in contract/interim employment means you have more control over the hours you work, which is one of the main positives we receive from hundreds of those in the contract workforce - many of whom have been in continuous employment through ourselves for well over 10 years. Who wouldn’t love to be paid for every hour actually worked?! If a 9 to 5 work week isn’t the norm for you, and you essentially do an extra 10 or 15 hours for free every week, then you could thrive in an interim contract and add 20-30% to your salary in the process! Instead of having to be in the office on set days and hours, in an interim role you can often set your own hours as long as you fulfill the duties set out in your contract.

Increased salary

Typically, the normal pay for a contract role is 5-10% above the market rate. The extra amount is to cover any short period of unemployment in between contracts. However, when you factor in overtime/extra hours being paid, contract work can often pay significantly more than permanent positions. You are also paid weekly, so there’s no need to wait until that monthly payday! If that all sounds appealing, then interim employment could be much more suited to you.

Control over your holidays

As you are only there for a short period of time, once you complete your project you’re free to go. However, you can choose when you are ready to take on your next role – many of our contractors opt to take a month’s break between assignments and whether that’s using the salary to enjoy a long holiday or just recharge, you are in control and we will work with you to ensure the contracts you undertake fit with your schedule, not the other way around!

Duration of an interim role

When people mention interim/contract roles, there is a misconception of this type of work being 3 weeks here or 6 weeks there. The reality though is the average duration of our contract/interim roles tends to be between 10 to 11 months and usually comes in anywhere from 6 to 18 months as the initially stated duration. We also have a very high success rate of temporary roles being made permanent - this would be higher if it wasn’t for the salary offered actually causing a pay reduction for the contractor!

Less competitive

With contract and interim work, there is a lot less competition than with permanent positions. This means you are much more likely to get the role that suits you and, in turn, build your portfolio while earning a large sum of money. It really is a win/win!

If you’re interested in contract work, our interim recruitment team can help you make the right choice! We have several temporary positions you can apply for on our website HERE!

Interested in learning more about contract and interim work? At VANRATH, we understand that making a move into contracting can be a daunting experience. This is why we have a specialist contract team in place who can guide you every step of the way. 

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