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Where To Start: Redundancy & New Jobs

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by VANRATH

I’ve been made redundant or feel uncertain about my future in my current position, where do I start?

Don’t panic! Remember: It’s the job that’s no longer needed, not you. If you have been made redundant, it could be something you saw coming, or for a lot of people right now it may have come as quite a shock. Either way, give yourself some time, allow it to sink it. As disappointed, scared and angry as you may feel, being able to work through these emotions will allow you to approach the next steps with a clear head and determination rather than desperation. Even in the midst of economic pressures and instabilities, there are other businesses out there who need the knowledge, experience and talents you can deliver.

Consider where next!

Have a really good think about the type of job and company you’d like to work for. Equally, identify any deal breakers – the salary or location for example. Consider your hobbies and interests. Do you have an analytical mind or have you always been a great writer? Find out what inspires you and use this time to move into a new career.

Polish up your CV and interview skills!

If it’s been a long time since you applied for a job, your CV might need an update to accurately describe the relevant experience and skills you can offer this organisation. Think of this as a chance to summarise what makes you the ideal candidate. Remember that a quality CV is concise and tailored to the precise role. Be selective about which details to include and then ask yourself: “Does this highlight the best of my work and what I have to offer?”. Click here for our guide on how to write a good CV! At VANRATH, you don’t have to have your CV up to date before you make contact with us.

Now is also a good time to brush up on your interview skills and practise answers to standard questions particularly how you’re going to talk in positive terms about your most recent role/redundancy. At VANRATH we also provide you with extensive interview preparations so don’t worry if you are feeling anxious, we’ll get you interview-ready!

Learn New Skills and Credentials

Start by being proactive, teach yourself some new skills that will transform you into a more desirable candidate. Whatever your area of work, there are skills to be learned and free courses you can take. Additionally, hone in on your technical, creative and interpersonal skills too to increase your area of expertise! Be sure to include your new skills on your CV so employers know how you’ve used your extra time.

LinkedIn/Social Media

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms to find potential candidates in a world that’s going digital. So, if you don’t have a profile already – create one. If it’s not up to date, give it a refresh. LinkedIn has a guide that will help you make sure your profile is as good as it can be.

Call on the experts!

Get in touch with us! It’s free and we have jobs that you wouldn’t find otherwise. We are the experts when it comes to a tailored/proactive search and will be on hand to offer support before any interviews – from information about the process itself, how companies are doing this remotely or advice on what wear for example. We will also be able to give you feedback on your CV and comments from prospective employers until you’ve secured your dream job!

Finally, stay positive! It can be easy in the current climate to slip into a negative hole of despair, especially when you’ve been made redundant. Follow our simple steps and don’t give up, your dream job could be just around the corner!

We specialise in building career success stories and could help you build yours today. Head to our website, read our google reviews on our home page, browse some of the many opportunities we have, explore more about VANRATH.

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